Dog Shelter Blues

9780865348776-Perfect.inddThis hard-hitting story lights up the world of animal rescue with engaging characters and their pets, bringing hope out of personal tragedies. Danny Sandoval, a character from the author’s previous book, Prairie Dog Blues,joins up with his friends to take on Norma Jean Lawson and her Safe Sanctuary No-Kill Rescue Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Danny accuses Safe Sanctuary of negligent animal care, claiming they do more harm than good.
Undaunted, Norma Jean puts up a fierce fight through her attorney, and sues Danny for libel and slander. Danny fights back, and both Norman Jean and Danny struggle with their own internal demons as they attempt to rescue dogs, cats, and innocent creatures that sometimes bring a mysterious transforming power to broken lives. Their battle shows that bad motives often end in darkness, and that animals and a clean heart can reveal pathways to God’s healing.

Mark Conkling’s newest novel, Dog Shelter Blues, takes these beaten, everyday people on a breathtaking journey that ends with an astonishing triumph of good over evil.



“Mark Conkling has written a doggone good tale about animals and the people who love (and abuse) them. This is a nicely written novel that keeps you jumping and engages the reader in the lives of the main characters as well as the animals. It’s written with a spirituality that doesn’t beat you over the head. If you are looking for a feel good tale invest in Dog Shelter Blues.”
 John Crudele, Columnist for the New York Post and dog lover

“In Dog Shelter Blues, protagonist Danny Sandoval exposes the well-funded and well-connected Safe Sanctuary No-Kill Rescue Center. In this, his second novel, Mark Conkling has undertaken an ambitious story dealing with the potential dangers of negligent animal shelters and the challenges of maintaining sobriety under enormous stress. It is a tribute to the power of friends, sponsors, and lovers to support men and women who risk their own futures by speaking the truth. Conkling’s sincerity is evident throughout the book.”
– Jane Newhagen, Author