About Mark


Mark Conkling—teacher, homebuilder, realtor, finance manager, Methodist pastor (ret) — returns to his writing career with his first novel, Prairie Dog Blues. Mark lives in Rio Rancho, works with his wife Patricia (Meadowlark Family Healthcare), walks his dog in the Bosque near the Rio Grande, frequents the recovery community (AA), writes fiction, and seeks daily peace of mind. His short fiction is forthcoming in the Minnetonka Review and Diverse Voices Quarterly.

Years ago, as a University Professor (Ph.D., Philosophy, Psychology), Mark published several academic articles in existential philosophy and psychology, including “Consciousness and the Unconscious in William James’ Principles of Psychology,” (Human Inquiries), “Sartre’s Refutation of the Freudian Unconscious,”(Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry), and “Ryle’s Mistake About Consciousness” (Philosophy Today).

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